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Ceph is installed on all Grid’5000 frontends and nodes (standard environment). Ceph clusters are available at Rennes and Nantes.

Ceph requires authentication to access to your data storage.

On the frontend

Create a directory with Ceph configuration (below for Rennes, if you are at Nantes, replace rennes by nantes into the URL):

G5K ❯ /home/pmorillo » mkdir ~/.ceph
G5K ❯ /home/pmorillo » cat > ~/.ceph/config <<EOF
mon host = ceph0,ceph1,ceph2
keyring = ${HOME}/.ceph/ceph.client.${USER}.keyring
G5K ❯ /home/pmorillo » curl -k https://api.grid5000.fr/sid/sites/rennes/storage/ceph/auths/$USER.keyring > ~/.ceph/ceph.client.$USER.keyring
G5K ❯ /home/pmorillo » export CEPH_CONF=~/.ceph/config
G5K ❯ /home/pmorillo » export CEPH_ARGS="--id ${USER}"

Check the Ceph cluster status

G5K ❯ /home/pmorillo » ceph -s
    cluster 6ee4c970-6c0d-43d6-82e4-e6d9881fd21d
     health HEALTH_OK
     monmap e3: 3 mons at {ceph0=,ceph1=,ceph2=}, election epoch 16, quorum 0,1,2 ceph0,ceph1,ceph2
     osdmap e3326: 16 osds: 16 up, 16 in
      pgmap v2886627: 8384 pgs, 59 pools, 2051 GB data, 516 kobjects
            4222 GB used, 4132 GB / 8802 GB avail
                8382 active+clean
                   2 active+clean+scrubbing+deep

Configure your shell

Into your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc, puts this two lines :

export CEPH_CONF=~/.ceph/config
export CEPH_ARGS="--id ${USER}"

You can now use ceph and rbd commands from the frontend and nodes.

G5K ❯ /home/pmorillo » oarsub -I
G5K(752498) ❯ /home/pmorillo » rbd --pool pmorillo_rbd ls
G5K(752498) ❯